25th European Youth Go Championships 2020

Stubičke Toplice, Croatia
March 11-14, 2020


24th March 2020: We mapped all cities of 162 participants. If you do not see your city on the map, just send us a short message to mailto:eygc2020@hgos.hr

22th March 2020, 6:24 AM: A powerful earthquake (magnitude 5.4) has struck north of Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, damaging a lot of buildings in the historical downtown. Most of hospitals in Zagreb are seriously damaged as well. All members of EYGC 2020 Team and all children who play go are fine. The epicentre of the earthquake was just halfway between the center of Zagreb and Stubicke Toplice. Stubicke Toplice had almost no damage.

20th March 2020, 10 PM: For the first time in a EYGC, we had two promotional Pair Go handicap tournaments: the winners in the U12 group are Radmila Ponomareva and Alexei Igonin from Russia; the winners in the U26 group are Alena Jakimova and Savva Mezin from Russia. All results are available in the tables: PairGo_U12 and PairGo_U16.

17th March 2020, 9 PM: The EYGC 2020 video: https://youtu.be/Qy-_wisiFq8

17th March 2020, 7 PM: The photographs from the Opening Ceremony, all six rounds and Closing Ceremony are now on-line: https://eygc2020.hgos.hr/media/

17th March 2020, 11 AM: Statistics by country: we had 162 participants from 14 countries: 64 in U12 group, 61 in U16 group and 37 players in U20 group. Details in pdf: ParticipantsByCountry

16th March 2020: All recorded games (29 games in total) of the 25th European Youth Go Championships are published as categorized zip-files: https://eygc2020.hgos.hr/results/

16th March 2020, 8 PM: According to our knowledge, all participants arrived to their homes! We would like to make a map of cities of all participants of EYGC 2020 and publish it somewhere on the site: if you would like to contribute, just send a short message with the name of the city/town and the number of players coming from there. 

15th March 2020: The list of all prize winners in the individual European Youth Go Championships: https://eygc2020.hgos.hr/winners/

14th March 2020, 6 PM: The EYGC has finished. The results are published. Please, report any errors before we send the results to the EGD. European Champions are:

  • U12: Vsevolod Ovsiienko, 2d, UKR
  • U16: Linh Vu Tu, 4d, FRA
  • U20: Anton Chernykh, 6d, RUS

14th March 2020: The tournament started with the Opening Ceremony held on 11th March 2020 at 18:00. All pairings and results from Rounds 1 – 6 are available: https://eygc2020.hgos.hr/results/



26th Feb 2020: Both GLOBIS Cup (U20) and World Youth Go Championships (U12 and U16) are postponed for autumn 2020: https://eygc2020.hgos.hr/prizes/

25th Feb 2020: Since the health concerns about the Covid-19 (coronavirus) dominate the news reports, we prepared a dedicated page with the actual information: https://eygc2020.hgos.hr/health/

About EYGC

European Youth Go Championships 2020 was held in Croatia, Stubicke Toplice, a nice town 40 km north from Zagreb. Croatian Go Alliance provided updated information about the schedule, registration, accommodation and travelling information for all participants and accompanying persons. The tournament is supported by European Go Federation.


We have prepared a welcome video:




European Youth Go Championships is the top European youth tournament held for the first time in 1996 in Baile Felix, Romania. The results of all tournaments since then are available in the European Go Database. A nice overview can be found at the website of European Go Federation:




The tournaments in the age groups U12 and U16 are the part of the World Youth Go Championships, sponsored by Ing Foundation, which has a long history, starting in 1984:




The tournament in the age group U20 is the part of the GLOBIS Cup, which has been introduced in 2014 and organized by Nihon ki-in.


 A beautiful work of art showing the history of EYGC has been prepared for the previous edition of EYGC, held in Moscow in May 2019:


History of European Youth Championships – Amazing Sand Painting

162 participants - 45 cities
Vsevolod (left), Linh Vu (middle) and Anton (right)
Trophies for champions
Group Photo on the Bridge