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Park of Science

Science Park near Oroslavje is a great open-air project of different scientific exhibits from physics, astronomy, geography, psychology. How to walk the solar system in just an hour? Is it possible to hear whispering from a 30 m distance? How to play the anthem of Europe – on the move? We warmly recommend this short excursion in close neighborhood to all participants, especially for younger kids to learn and have fun in the open between the Go games.

The webpage (in Croatian only): http://www.parkznanosti.com/

When? Thursday, 12th March, between Round 1 and Round 2

The price (includes the admission ticket and the bus transfer from the hotel): 7 EUR (50 HRK)

Krapina Neanderthal Musem

The museum has been set up some 10 years ago in order to better understand people of Krapina from Stone Age, who lived in this area 125 000 years ago. The exhibition is set up as a time machine through the history of the Universe, the Earth and Man, leading up to the present day.  A very popular Museum for school children but also for adults!

The webpage (in English): http://www.mkn.mhz.hr/en/

When? Friday, 13th March, between Round 3 and Round 4

The price (includes the admission ticket and the bus transfer from the hotel): 10 EUR (75 HRK)



Zagreb Tour

Zagreb is the Capital of Croatia, more than 900 years old. Its historical city centre (upper and downtown) was always of touristic interest, but lately, Zagreb is developing towards real tourist centre. Zagreb was awarded as the most beautiful European Advent three times. In addition to the classical architecture, modern “Museum of Illusions” and “Museum of broken relationships” are attracting more and more people.

The webpage (in English): http://www.infozagreb.hr/&lang=en

When? We plan two Zagreb Tours: a shorter one on Thursday late afternoon (suitable for U20 participants and adults) and a longer daily tour on Friday (suitable for parents).

The price (includes the guided tour and the bus transfer from the hotel): 10 EUR (75 HRK)