Time \ DateWednesday, 11/03Thursday, 12/03Friday, 13/03Saturday, 14/03
10:00ArrivalRound 1Round 3Round 5
11:00RegistrationHow to teach goGo in EducationWorkshop on Traditional Crafts
12:00-14:00Lunch TimeLunch TimeLunch TimeLunch Time
15:00RegistrationRound 2Round 4Round 6
17:00Pair-Go Round 1Pair-Go Semi-Finals
18:00Opening CeremonyPair-Go Round 2Pair-Go FinalsAward Ceremony
19:00-21:00Dinner Dinner Dinner Departure
21:00-22:00Team Leaders Meeting

The Pair-Go tournaments will be played in two age groups: U12 and U16. The pairs can be international. Registration and demonstration will be done on Thursday before Lunch. Two qualification rounds will be played on Thursday. Semi-finals and Finals will be played on Friday. This unique Pair-Go event is sponsored by Pandanet.


The workshops “How to teach Go” and “Go in Education” are intended for teachers and parents. We want to achieve two goals: share the best European practices in teaching go and raise the awareness of importance of game-based learning in the school.



Aside from go, swimming and walking, optional excursions to interesting places will be organized: 


  • the Park of Science,
  • the Neanderthal’s Museum,
  • the City of Zagreb.

The description of each excursion and the registration form is available: