Health issues

The organization of EYGC 2020 has been approved in written by regional authorities, based on the epidemiological situation on 11th March 2020.  Participants from Covid-19 epidemic countries at that moment (Italy, Heinsberg in Germany) were not physically present in Croatia. The playing halls wer organized in a way that each large room accommodates less than 100 players.

  • Regional Department of Public Health approved the EYGC 2020 on 11th March 2020.
  • Organizers provided disinfection gel at entries of playing halls. Disinfection was mandatory.
  • Handshaking and other non-verbal close social contact was forbidden.
  • Participants with respiratory illness and/or body temperature higher than 37,5 C did not come to manifestations.

For the team leaders: please, be so kind and report any illness development in your group 7 days and 14 days after the event to This information might be of the high importance for other participants. Of course, a short message that everything is fine will be appreciated very much as well.

The official policy of Croatian authorities, updated on 13th March 2020:

  • The countries/regions with the highest risk: Hubei province in China,  Italy, Heinsberg in Germany, Daego and Chengdo in South Korea, Iran
  • Foreign citizens coming to Croatia from these countries/regions, must go to a 14-days quarantine.
  • The countries/regions with a very high risk: the rest of China, the rest of South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Bahrein, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Bela Krajina in Slovenia.
  • All persons coming to Croatia from these countries/regions, must go to a 14-days self-isolation.
  • In more than 80% of cases, the coronavirus infection is mild and there is no need for panic.
  • Population is well informed about the prevention measures, the epidemic service has a long tradition and it is well prepared.
  • Recommendations: wash your hands thoroughly, stay at home if you have a fever and a cough, avoid handshaking.
  • The number of positive cases in Croatia is 128 (March 20, 10 PM).

We carefully follow the development of the situation in Europe and Croatia, sharing concerns of EYGC 2020 participants and their parents. There are two important sources of official information:

World Health Organization / Europe summarized how to stay healthy while travelling: 

  • observing hand and respiratory hygiene and maintaining a safe distance from any sick persons;
  • searching for information through official channels;
  • avoiding stigmatization and discrimination of other people based on their origin.