Additional accommodation

Hotel Terme-Jezercica is the 4* hotel less than 2 km away from the playing hall. The accommodation will be possible in 10 double-rooms or in 10 bungalows:


The discounted price for a half-board in a double room is 330,00 HRK (45 EUR) per day per person, plus touristic fee (10,00 kn per day for adults, no fee for children younger than 12).


The discounted price for a half-board in a bungalow (min. 3 persons, max. 5 persons) is 350,00 HRK (47 EUR) per day per person, plus touristic fee.


The prepayment of 20% of the total cost is mandatory and must be done directly to the hotel before 28.02.2020.


The reservation of these rooms will be handled by the organizer Croatian Go Alliance, please send an e-mail to with the names of all guests after filling the registration form  (if you had not already done that). As of 22nd Feb 2020, there is a couple of rooms and bungalows still available.

EYGC 2020 map

Tournament Site

The tournament will be held in the hotel “Matija Gubec”, right on the source of natural thermal water. Free Wi-Fi is provided.
The games will be played in the congress hall of the hotel, which is connected with the rooms, restaurant and indoor/outdoor swimming pools (opened throughout the year). Please, check the Gallery.
We prepared a welcome video:
Since both hotels “Matija Gubec” and “Zagi” are fully booked, we opened the process of resrvations in the hotel Terme-Jezercica. 


The 25th European Youth Go Championships will be held in Stubičke Toplice, a very popular vacation spot located in the continental part of Croatia, serving as a spa center and health resort. It is located 40 kilometers (25 miles) north from the Croatian capital city Zagreb. There are regular bus and train connections from Zagreb to Stubičke Toplice. It is also very close to the highway A2 connecting Slovenian border and Zagreb.


The shuttle transfer from the Zagreb Airport to the hotel Matija Gubec will be organized. If you are interested, please send the details of your flights (both arrival and departure) to as soon as possible. The price per person in one direction is 75,00 kn (10 EUR).

Buses from the Zagreb Airport to the Zagreb Bus Station are departing every 30 minutes, starting at 4:30 until 21:30. The journey takes 35 minutes and cost of the one-way ticket is 30,00 kn (4 EUR). A return ticket costs 40,00 kn.


Buses from the Zagreb Bus Station depart to Stubicke Toplice at: 05:45, 07:00, 08:30, 10:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, 19:45 and 22:25. The journey takes 70-75 minutes and the cost of the one-way ticket is 44,00 kn (6 EUR). 


Train departures from the Zagreb Train Station to Stubicke Toplice (one stopover): 05:37, 07:33, 08:58, 11:14, 13:06, 14:25, 15:37, 16:41, 17:25, 18:17, 19:52, 21:30, 22:32, 22:54. The journey takes 80-120 minutes and the cost of the one-way ticket is 33,60 kn (4,50 EUR).


During the weekend, the connections are not so frequent: buses on Saturday afternoon depart from Stubicke Toplice at 17:35, on Sunday at 12:30 and 18:00. Trains depart on Saturday afternoon at 15:10, 16:23, 17:20, 19:00, 20:38, on Sunday at 08:26, 16:23, 19:00.

The address

Ul. Viktora Šipeka 31,
49244, Stubičke Toplice, Croatia

The coordinates

45.9758126, 15.9384779